"Drunk Driving causes an injury to someone every  30 Seconds"
"Someone dies every 30 minutes because of a drunk driver."


  • That our primary reason for existence is to eliminate the crime of drunk driving.
  • That serving the needs of victims of drunk driving is a role of critical importance that MADD is uniquely able to perform.
  • That all rights of drunk driving victims must be given proper recognition.
  • That a balanced program of public awareness, education, legislation, and aggressive enforcement by police, prosecutors, and the courts is key to eliminating drunk driving.
  • That while an individual's decision to consume alcohol is a private matter, driving after consuming alcohol or other drugs is a public matter.
  • That the conduct of an aggressive legislative and public policy advocacy program is essential to achieve MADD's mission.
  • That drunk driving and others who contribute to the crime of drunk driving must be held accountable for their behavior.
  • That driving is a privilege not a right.
  • That proactive rehabilitation of problem drinkers who drive is essential to the prevention and elimination of drunk driving.
  • That Madd is a grassroots organization that draws its strength, energy, and leadership from its volunteers.
  • That active participation in MADD chapter activities is productive for the community and for many victims of drunk driving, a healing and personal growth experience.

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